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climatically challenged north america...

Message from George in Bandon Oregon

well, that's what happens in a large continent that has colder landmasses and colder air masses dipping down to certain localities AND other localities not that far away that are spared those cold influences (at least for the moment). luckily for Australia it's a smaller continent situated in lower latitudes with no direct connection to potentially colder landmasses , it's much more influenced by generally warmer air and surrounded by water so it tends to be generally milder in more places for more reasons (there can be distinct differences between places there as well, say Alice Springs and Brisbane). still, happy Australia, climatically challenged north America---if you ever want to exchange climates---PLEASE give us a call, LOL!!!

for anyone interested, a great book on north America it's challenging and changing climates and living organisms in those climates through time is "the eternal frontier" by Tim Flannery (he's from Australia!!!).

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