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Re: Jim Wilmington DE

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

1. I DO remember the soot & ash idea! That really was discussed. I remember that as it was happening.

2. As for all the classic news stories of ice ages and warming, it looks like a LOT of them were wrong. And if that's a good analysis, THEN WHY SHOULD WE EXPECT YOUR PREDICTIONS TO BE RIGHT? How are you any more qualified than all the guys who got it wrong before you?

For the zillionth time, here's MY view on climate:

- I believe the Earth has warmed since 1989 and that it continues to warm to present time.

- I do not *know* that human activity contributes to it, but I think it highly likely.

- I believe that Global Warming means that SOME regions will cool and/or see the occasional colder-than-normal winter.

- I believe that in Eastern North America, the weather's gonna do what it's gonna do. The last 5 or 10 winters are proof of that. Just sine 2010, we've had our all-time snowiest winter, a "winter that wasn't" and two nasty cold winters. So, anything can happen here. But, it's been that way here since Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

Thank you for once again naming a thread for me!

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