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I didn't know this :

Message from WSimpson NC

I can't believe that I didn't know this , but I thought the center of deciduous and non palm trees was live tissue . I knew that nutrients and water were transported by the cambium layer but I also thought the center was living tissue .
This knowledge makes me feel a little better because some of the cambium layer on my Citrumelo was damaged from last winter's cold . The bark flaked off on one side of the trunk . I do see live tree tissue growing over that damage now , so I'm feeling better because on the damaged side I saw the inner portion of the trunk that looked dead , and now I know it's supposed to be dead . If I get any cold below 12F I'll protect that damaged area . The damage should be enclosed completely by next fall .
I still can't believe I know so little about general tree morphology .


Damage that's healing over :

Overview , and very healthy . It had a " massive flush " , as I commented in an earlier thread I posted last summer . It put on about a third of its' mass in that one flush . I've been trimming it up from the bottom so I can mow under it more easily but I'll stop now that I've got decent room to mow . I'm hoping for fruit next year but it might take another year or two :

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