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Preparing for winter...lots of pics

Message from Brad - Pittsburgh

Protecting the washie. Lights went on last weekend. Frostcloth this weekend, then cage built, stuffed with leaves, protective cover, and shrinkwrap. Please, no comments about the big permanent garbage can in my landscape. My trachy will get the same treatment once it gets colder. The goal is to protect as minimally as possible this year, since I am pro-Sam, ant-Dennis, this is an easy winter sort of deal!

 photo B76068E8-5117-4716-A13C-01DDCACCB873_zpshn8lrbef.jpg

 photo 5A4634EF-1982-4C05-A550-CF6F0C4C6718_zpss0bzseqb.jpg

 photo 730C6BE9-B2CF-4F7E-B397-2A5E187637E9_zpsob3nxz4u.jpg

 photo C22B4AD2-DFC6-4E15-B778-619299ED6845_zps2c28gyqu.jpg

 photo D7A0039E-4BC3-4E27-8059-6C5A2B3A60B0_zpsjrpoesoh.jpg

 photo 274899E7-1DE6-47F7-9599-7C9FF3959E17_zpswckl8cct.jpg

 photo BB5D7BF0-4172-41A3-8DDB-1964FB50C200_zpsdohqlu48.jpg

Went to the PItt game yesterday with the boys...

 photo AB4DD034-96CD-4811-A054-7DB41431A18C_zpstbpgp4qd.jpg

 photo E774D554-9AC2-4C65-8B00-0DEE0DFE7E8E_zpsuwoboxcz.jpg

As the Pitt band marched into the stadium...

 photo 9EC40ADF-A8C8-44CA-9C25-F495934C9830_zpsprxkhmgj.jpg

 photo 9F0EFAF4-1ED4-49E2-BD60-CD8B7EEE9F8E_zpsbuufqk5y.jpg

 photo 3545AD9B-1254-442E-AA70-D51813CA21D1_zps5aa2xqhz.jpg

 photo 6B270D01-FBE9-40D5-BA3A-66002D7F8B17_zpsh5uaslfv.jpg

 photo 645BA3B7-FE8A-43B4-B5FB-2650948F56A2_zpslrioraab.jpg

Lasagna Garden

 photo 74711361-C68B-4E6A-AD36-D2BE7B2CA0A4_zpsvpnrfjlu.jpg

One of the eucs in their leaf cage

 photo B813EF23-4C78-489A-B36B-FB17C19A6666_zpstusaeubr.jpg

Swiss chard still going strong

 photo A0E54C84-93A1-4777-B16D-680DD816C52D_zpsowsoigoz.jpg

Mekong Giant under the bag, and Y White Shed

 photo 65A965AD-1A84-4341-A95A-D7E855EEBDA6_zpske32cn8g.jpg

Euc in the cage, and letting trachy and minors unprotected for as long as possible, hopefully not much....

 photo 085381F8-9F75-4E65-B338-9ACB6688464E_zps5qmelkkn.jpg

 photo E9F44A0D-CE58-4589-92E0-D3259887EAE6_zpsnfu4yk0q.jpg

Two of the preferred eucs in cages, the other one is flying solo. Western wall.

 photo 548F23CE-9E9A-4145-B020-88060C457320_zpsd7sasy1t.jpg

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